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The Fall in online gambling

But then came the fall, as it always must come. I started playing with larger and larger sums of money in the online casinos , so confident was I in my luck and in my abilities. And then finally I bit off more than I could chew. I lost a whole lot of money and fell into debt. Now, what a normal person would have done was take his losses and leave, but I kept on playing and playing. And as i lost my confidence I also began losing more and more games. I was all that I had. This was at the age of twenty two, when there was still a chance for me to save myself. I was on of the lucky ones.

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That was when my father saw the state that I was in and decided to get me out of it. It took time, a lot of love and a lot of money to get me out of playing the online casinos. And then there came the great break. U went into therapy and learned that what I had sought in the online casinos was the love that my parents had failed to give me.

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