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Casinos Fuel Gambling Addiction

Studies have shown that more gamblers who bet in online casinos have far more gambling addictions that those players who bet in land based casinos.

The fact be comes apparent when one read stories and watch the news of gamblers who have blown thousands and thousands of dollars on their clandestine habit. These gamblers are not aware of the huge money loses involved when they have the craving to gamble.

Many lawyers in the UK and North America have reported that many people have filed for sudden bankruptcy and when the causes for the filing were discovered, majority of them had lost their cash in casinos. This rise in filing of bankruptcies has alarmed many concerned bodies and suggestions such as putting a cap or limitation on a persons credit card when used for online gabling.

There have been much debate on ways to prevent such cases from happening online but experts believe that this is not the right way to go about it. It was advised that the people who have gambling problems be given the proper treatment and help instead of banning them from gambling. Closing down an internet casino is would not solve the problem.

In an attempt to cure the addiction of many gamblers or gamblers on the rise, several studies have been launched among a lot of recipients to ascertain what drives a person to gamble beyond their means and ultimately into self destruction. It is hoped that the study would paint a clearer picture of the casinos online, who are the people that gamble in them and what can be done to protect them.

By banning all online casinos, the issue of internet gaming addiction will not go away. Instead, the issue should be handled by people who do not think or see gamblers as mere machines but as human being with real issues to deal with.

The symptoms of gambling addiction can be recognized in several ways :

Withdrawal - the player is irritable or restless when trying to cut down on gambling.

Escape - the player continually gambles to escape the hardships of work, family, and friends.

Risked relationships - the player has lost the friendship between co-workers and friends. The person may have ruined their reputation as well.

Preoccupation - when the player seeks nothing else but the thrill of gambling or ways to fill the thrill of gambling.

Tolerance -the player needs increasing amounts of money to achieve a desired feeling of satisfaction.

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