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How I became addicted to online casino gambling is a sad, sad tale, one that cannot be told in a few words. It is however a story that must be told, if only to warn others of the dangers. Not the dangers of gambling itself, but of becoming addicted.

I was sixteen when my father first introduced me to the wonders of online casino gambling. At first it was just him, he wouldn't let me play on my own. So I would watch him for long hours playing. He would sometimes win small sums, and he would sometimes win large ones. However, he was careful not to overdo it. After all, he had a family to support, and he was careful not to lose too much and to take in his winnings with prudence. And in reality, he was a great player. He would win some, he would lose some, but he played with a grace that I could [never attain

As I said, at the time he wouldn't let me play. But at the age of seventeen I finally got a job and started to play on my own. At first it was the simple games, that were for free. But then one day I decided to make the leap and start playing Video Poker Online Casino Game for real money. And that was the beginning. I was tempted by all the bonuses that the casinos were giving out at the time. And in all fairness, I was actually quite good at it. I immediately knew live odds and I was winning.

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